Effective communication is vital for a successful partnership with your commercial cleaning service. In this article, we explore the top 5 reasons why clear communication with your cleaning service provider is crucial. From resolving misunderstandings to building lasting partnerships, communication ensures a clean, healthy, and harmonious workplace. Contact Kitchener Clean today to learn more about optimizing your professional relationship with your commercial cleaning service provider.(Originally Published April 14, 2018)

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When working with any service provider, clear communication is one of the best ways to ensure your professional relationship is the best it can be. Commercial cleaning service providers quickly become a big part of your office. Proper communication can help ensure your cleaners feel respected and your workplace stays clean, healthy, and happy. In this article, we'll outline the top 5 reasons why communication with your commercial cleaning service provider is key. To learn more about commercial cleaning services, contact Kitchener Clean now!

5 Reasons Communication With Your Commercial Cleaning Service Provider Is Key

Communication is an important factor across all relationships, both personal and professional. The list below outlines the top 5 reasons why great communication will help enhance your relationship with your commercial cleaning service provider.

#1: Clears Up Misunderstandings

A simple misunderstanding left alone can fester and create resentment. For example, you may wonder why your cleaning company is failing to clean the office bathrooms on a regular basis. However, with a simple phone call or email, you soon discover that in your contract, your commercial cleaners were only scheduled to maintain the bathroom every two weeks! If customers keep these complaints to themselves, the misunderstanding may never get resolved. This can lead to unhappy professional relationships and the potential termination of a service that might have otherwise been a great fit if only both parties had properly communicated with each other.

#2: Helps Build Relationships

Building a strong relationship with your cleaning service provider may not seem like a top priority at first, but it should be an important part of your professional relationship. Proper, frequent communication helps build lasting relationships - and that in turn helps create healthy work environments for everyone involved.

A strong relationship with your cleaning service means both parties feel comfortable sharing experiences and concerns with each other in a polite and respectful manner. Building a strong relationship with your cleaning service providers will also make it easier to voice your concerns. If you feel like you have a good relationship with the managers and the cleaners, it will be less intimidating if you do need to speak to them about a concern.

#3: Improved Service Quality

Providing your cleaning service provider with consistent feedback is one of the best ways to improve the quality of service. For example, if you are satisfied with all the completed work except you frequently notice still-dusty shelves, let your service provider know quickly. A professional cleaning service will communicate your complaint to their staff and ensure your office shelves are cleaned to your satisfaction in the future.

Even the best cleaning service providers may miss something or make a mistake. Sometimes, the problem is simply a new employee who is still learning the ropes and may need extra training. Instead of silently feeling frustrated, let them know right away. With a great cleaning service, you'll notice improvements in service quality immediately.

#4: Creates Long-Lasting Partnerships

Clear and consistent communication can help create long-lasting partnerships. Why are long-lasting partnerships so important? First off, finding a commercial cleaning service that is right for you and your office needs can be a challenge. Once you do find a great service, you will likely not want to go through that search process all over again.

Another reason long-lasting partnerships are important is that over time, your commercial cleaning company will begin to get to know your office better than almost anyone else! With good communication, they will also know your wants and needs. With experience at your workplace, your cleaning service provider can better accomplish specific tasks.

#5: Learn More About Your Service Provider

Good communication can help you learn more about your cleaning service provider, what values they hold, and if this partnership will work out in the long-term. Beginning your relationship with great communication will immediately help you see how your cleaning service provider responds to feedback, how quickly they respond to you, and what their plan of action includes.

When you begin your relationship with clear communication, you not only have the opportunity to build relationships, but you will also see early on if that relationship is not going to work out. Although that is not an ideal situation, it will at least save you time, money, and energy spent on a cleaning service provider that does not fit your needs.

Common Cleaning Service Provider Customer Challenges

Dealing with a vendor that is not living up to expectations can be frustrating. Though your initial reaction may be to find someone new, it is good practice to try to work out issues before moving on. In this section we'll take a look at the top 3 customer challenges business owners face when working with commercial cleaners, and how communication can help resolve these issues.

Problem #1: Poor Cleaning Quality - Dealing with poor service quality is often the biggest challenge that customers face. Poor service quality can come in many forms, including an incomplete or improper cleaning job, rushed cleaning, and more. Many customers found the biggest problem areas included kitchens and bathrooms, as those areas tend to get higher traffic and, due to their uses, get dirtier quicker.

How Communication Can Help - Calmly yet thoroughly explain your concerns to your cleaning service provider. If you simply say "the office was still dirty," it does not provide your cleaners with significant information to go on. If you say instead, "the bathroom floors have not been mopped," then your cleaners have specific information about your concern, and an understanding of how they can improve for next time. This also helps clear up any possible misunderstandings surrounding schedule and contracts.

Problem #2: Cleaners Not Showing Up - Waiting around for your cleaners to show up can be frustrating. Not knowing exactly when they will arrive can be stressful. Cleaners arriving in the middle of a meeting can be disruptive. It's important to know when your cleaners will show up, but many customers felt left in the dark on this issue.

How Communication Can Help - Communicating your concerns right away helps these kinds of issues get resolved quicker. There may have been a simple miscommunication in your contract, which can easily be fixed, or it may be that staff are not following their schedule. This provides a chance for managers to talk with their staff and hopefully fix the scheduling problem right away.

Problem #3: Poor Quality Of Service - Your office should be a place of professionalism, where employees feel safe and productive. Unfortunately, a common issue that customers find with some cleaning services is unprofessional, rude, or disruptive staff. This is often found with the cleaners themselves, but it may also be a problem with staff such as receptionists or even managers!

How Communication Can Help - If you are having trouble with cleaning staff, it is possible that your cleaning service provider is unaware of how their staff is acting without their managers present. Good communication will let your cleaning service provider know about unprofessional behaviour. Ensure you provide a detailed account of what occurred, so your cleaning service knows exactly what happened. A professional vendor will take your complaint seriously and inform the cleaning staff that their behaviour was inappropriate.

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