(Originally Published March 13, 2019)

Investing in commercial window cleaners is always a good a idea. A clean window improves the look of your office to the outside world, and  clean windows also help the effectiveness of your employees inside. Read on to discover 5 reasons to hire window cleaners, and trust the experts at Kitchener Clean to keep your office greener and cleaner than ever before - both inside and out!

5 Reasons to Hire Window Cleaners

1. Maintain a Professional Appearance

If you saw an office building or retail store and the windows were caked in dirt and dust, chances are you’d have second thoughts about doing business with that company.

You might wonder how they go about their work inside while seemingly giving no attention to outward appearances. You may also wonder if that would be the same level of attention you could expect from the company itself.

Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but In order to protect the reputation of your business, as well as the branding that you’ve worked so hard to create, you should invest in a professional window cleaners.

Protect your company’s image with clean windows.

2. Keep Critters At Bay

On a very practical note, clean windows keep away a number of unwanted guests.

Dirty windows can attract all kinds of bugs and rodents, and serious pests like hornets and wasps can start building nests around your windows without you noticing. That’s not something you want your employees dealing with, nor is it an issue you want guests or customers to face upon their arrival.

Professional window cleaners will be able to not only keep bugs away with regular washes, but they’ll also be able to identify the areas and cracks where they’re sneaking in so you can inform pest removal services.

Window cleaners help ward off insects and rodents.

3. Protect Your Employees

Maybe your office has a worker keen to get out from behind their desk and save the company a few bucks by taking on the task of washing windows. For safety’s sake, this is not at all recommended, especially if your building is multiple stories high.

Unless that worker is properly trained, there’s the potential risk of injury from falls, window breaks, cuts from glass or scrapes from the side of the building, and even dropping a tool on the sidewalk below and injuring an innocent bystander.

You don’t want to end up having to pay an employee expensive worker’s compensation — or pay other damages — because you asked them to handle it on their own.

Trust professional window cleaners to get the job done right.

4. Clean Windows Help With Efficiency

There’s two ways that hiring windows cleaners improves efficiency. First, if you’ve noticed your company’s monthly energy bills steadily rising, chances are your dirty windows are a big part of the problem.

During cold winter months, for example, natural sunlight can act as a natural warming agent inside your office, which is why you should keep blinds open during the day. This will allow your building’s heating unit to work less vigorously, meaning you won’t have to have it repaired or replaced as often.

Additionally, natural light also helps with mental health, allowing your employees to feel more at ease while at work. Several studies have shown that natural light in an office can actually boost your team’s overall productivity levels.  On top of that, exposure to healthy amounts of natural light throughout the workday has also been shown to help people to get a higher quality of sleep at night.

You get happier, healthier and harder working employees as a result of clean, bright windows.

5. Clean Windows Last Longer

Another way that window cleaners can actually help you save money is by extending the lifespan of the windows themselves. Eventually, buildup will can cause your glass to become damaged, and filth from bugs and animals can cause rapid decay to the frames around them as well.

With the average cost of window replacement running anywhere from $650-$1,500, you want to put off buying new windows for as long as is possible.

Window cleaners will not only keep them looking fresh, they’ll have a unique vantage point from which to spot potential issues that can be addressed before they get out of hand and require extensive repair.

Keep in mind that window installation will be a disruption to the office, causing great distraction or even forcing you to shut things down as it occurs. The longer you can put that off, the better.

Avoid the hassle of frequent window repair and installation.

Need Window Cleaners? Trust Kitchener Clean!

A clean exterior window provides a better view, improves heat efficiency, and presents a more professional business image.

Kitchener Clean started out as a home cleaning business and as such we learned the cleaning skills required to satisfy the stringent demands of a homeowner. Today we are still firmly committed to cleaning your office as thoroughly as we would our own home.

As part of our Total Office Care Program, service of your exterior windows on a regular basis is maintained, with regular spot washing of the internal side of your exterior window.  We also work with our clients to schedule complete exterior window cleaning semi-annually or annually. For more information on our Total Office Care Program, click here.

Kitchener Clean also provides complete cleaning of your exterior windows as a one time service.  At a minimum, annual cleaning of your exterior windows and window frames is recommended.  You can choose to have only the external side of your exterior windows cleaned, or also clean the internal side of your exterior windows.

Contact us for a free consultation today on how we can bring that shine back to your exterior windows.