(Originally Published December 13, 2019)

In this article, we are going to discuss commercial floor cleaning services!

Your office floors most likely consist of carpet or hard surface flooring, or a combination of both. Kitchener Clean is an expert in commercial floor cleaning services - contact us today for a no obligation quote!

It’s important to know how to care for different types of flooring and how often they need to be serviced. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what’s involved in office floor care.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Regular floor cleaning keeps your work space looking professional and helps prevent build up of germs and dirt. Let’s take a look at the different types of flooring you may need serviced.

Tile Flooring

Commercial tile flooring is generally either ceramic or porcelain, and can be either glazed or unglazed. Both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of their appearance and durability.

If you are looking to put in a new tile floor, it is best to consult with tiling experts, who can help you determine what will work best for your unique office environment.

Once the tile floor has been laid and grouted, the care of the floor is the same - keep them clean and free of dirt, salt, etc, wash them often with a mild floor cleaner, and deep clean them periodically, including the grout.

As part of Kitchener Clean’s Total Office Care Program, your office’s tile floors will be cared for and maintained on a regular basis with regular vacuuming and mopping.

A tile floor deep clean can also be added as a one time service

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is probably the most common type of hard surface flooring used in an office environment, and therefore subject to commercial floor cleaning services.

It is durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive, and comes in many colours and patterns. Though there are many different options, what they all have in common is the need to protect the floor itself. Many commercial vinyl floors are not sealed and protected after being laid down; the flooring itself will wear over time and become dull.

The best way to protect your investment in your vinyl floor is to seal the floor and apply finish to the floor. Kitchener Clean provides stripping, sealing, and finishing of your office vinyl floor as a one-time service.

Over time, even if you are diligent with your vacuuming and daily mopping, dirt, salt, and other materials can become embedded in your vinyl floor. Unlike tile, which is a more resilient material, your vinyl floors will eventually start to wear. This is where a strip, seal, and finish of your vinyl floors can greatly help with the appearance and longevity of your office flooring.

Our experts can deeply clean or strip your vinyl floor, and then seal and finish it, giving you a beautiful, protected vinyl floor

Carpet Care

A customized, comprehensive carpet care program is one of the essential commercial floor cleaning services. There are several reasons why, including the following:

  • Regular carpet cleaning can significantly increase the life of carpets
  • Carpets trap airborne pollutants; these must be removed periodically in order to maintain indoor air quality
  • Remove spots and stains
  • Prevent buildup of allergens and bacteria
  • Enhances the appearance of any room. Clean, well-maintained carpets speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of your business
  • People feel better about their work environment when it is clean. This includes the carpeting

A new method of carpet cleaning, called Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, has emerged over the past decade. This method of carpet cleaning is a “Very Low Moisture” (VLC) or dry carpet cleaning method.

A carpet cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. The solution is made up of polymers which literally “encapsulate” (or surround) the dirt particles. An agitation machine is then used to vigorously work the fibres of the carpets. The encapsulated dirt residue is ready to be vacuumed immediately, during the next regularly scheduled vacuuming of the carpets.

The Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning method improves carpet appearance, and it keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time compared to other methods, including steam cleaning. It also saves water, which will help keep your monthly utility bills down.

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with a customized, comprehensive carpet care program.

Proper mat placement, regular vacuuming, spot and spill removal are all essential elements of carpet care

Trust Kitchener Clean For The Very Best In Commercial Floor Cleaning Services!

Kitchener Clean services a wide variety of industries all across the Region of Waterloo. We offer commercial cleaning services to many different businesses, both big and small!

If you are interested in learning more about the types of businesses we work with, see some examples below. You can also contact us to learn more!

Examples of Industries we serve:

  • Office spaces
  • Local businesses
  • Corporate offices
  • Tech and start-up companies
  • Recreational centres, such as clubhouses
  • And much more!

We are happy to serve many different types of office spaces and workplaces, including corporate offices, rec centres, and the ever-growing tech industry in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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