(Originally Published October 11, 2019)

Being a commercial landlord is no easy task. This article will explore a number of tips for better tenant management.

We have put together a guide to help you to achieve better tenant management by streamlining processes, building in protective measures, and helping you save time, energy, and money.

This article will dive deeper into some tips and tricks for you to manage your commercial tenants better. Let’s get started now!

Tips For Commercial Landlords: Better Tenant Management

According to Unicom (see video below), 4 of the top challenges for commercial landlords in their property management included hiring and maintaining quality property managers, increasing revenue, unexpected damage and maintenance, and time management. Here are 5 tips to ensure you offer the best tenant management.


1. Screening of Commercial Tenants

There are many ways to screen commercial tenants within Canada. You need to have tenants who will pay their rent on time, look after your property, and be reliable. The first step to adequately screening commercial tenants is to meet with the potential tenant and get a first impression. Use this first meeting to seek out their trustworthiness.

You can’t always tell everything from a first impression, it’s important to keep that in mind. However, you usually can get a general idea of who they are and what they are about.

Next, you’ll want to take a look at their application form. As a commercial landlord, it is crucial to have a rental application form. You can find and create commercial rental applications for free in Canada through Law Depot.

Remember, this is not a contract - it’s just an application. The rental application should ask for the legal business name, year it was established, type of business, financial information, and rental history, including references. For established businesses, don’t forget to look over their financial statements. For new businesses, be sure to review their business plans.

Finally, you should ensure that your tenants are able to pay and will agree to and abide by the terms of the lease.

2. including A Commercial Cleaner in your Commercial Lease

One of the biggest risks of commercial leasing is the upkeep of the space. How can you guarantee the upkeep and maintenance of your commercial space? Include a commercial cleaner in the lease! By hiring a commercial cleaner as a part of your lease, you can control and even guarantee the same quality and consistency of cleanliness in all tenants.

This guarantees a certain standard of upkeep for the entire building, which allows you to prevent damage and unkept spaces.

At Kitchener Clean, we offer a variety of high quality and consistent commercial cleaning services to match your specific requirements. These include:

  • Total office care: Kitchener Clean can put together a personalized package of services depending on the needs of your office. You receive all your regular scheduled cleanings, plus restorative floor care, carpet cleaning and windows washing throughout the year. Learn more.

  • Carpet cleaning: Our skilled Carpet Cleaning Team Members will thoroughly clean your carpets with the latest advances in non-toxic cleaning processes. A regular cleaning schedule will also help to prevent soil build-up, which can permanently damage your carpets and lead to costly and unnecessary early replacement expenses. Learn more.

  • Floor care: Each type of hard-surface flooring requires different treatments in order to maintain its original texture and brightness. Therefore, we will custom design a non-toxic cleaning and care plan suited to your floors. Not only will your floors last longer, avoiding early replacement, but they will also become slip-resistant, which will increase the safety of your employees and your customers. Learn more.

  • Window cleaning: Our Window Care Professionals will use a combination of their expertise and non-toxic, EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products to let the sunshine into your office. Your work area will be brighter and your conscience will be clear knowing that no harmful toxins were used in the process. Learn more.

  • Office composting: While cleaning for our clients, we noticed a large volume of organic waste generated in offices and discarded into the garbage. Businesses, unlike residences, don't have access to a composting program, so organic waste is put into the garbage and sent to the landfill. Kitchener Clean has developed and now proudly offers an "Office Compost Program" to businesses in the Waterloo Region. Learn more.

Whether you require daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or "as needed cleaning,” Kitchener Clean can accommodate you. We are confident that once you try our services, you will stay with us. Contact us today for a free, no obligation, onsite quote.


3. Commercial Tenant Rights

When drafting a lease, be sure to be very clear on your commercial tenants rights. Tenant-Landlord disputes can be expensive and time consuming. They are something you want to avoid as much as possible. In Ontario, tenants have a number of rights. You can learn more about Ontario tenant rights here.

In addition to selecting the right tenants and having an extensive application process, you should also be very clear on what tenants can and cannot do, and what you can and cannot do, so that the terms of the lease are cleared and agreed upon.

In general, tenant rights are included in the lease. If disputed, courts tend to decide based on the original lease terms for fairness. To create the best possible landlord-tenant relationship, be sure the terms of the lease are clear, agreed upon, and talked about before the lease is signed.

4. Regular Maintenance

In order to be an excellent commercial landlord, you need to ensure that regular property maintenance is conducted. Without proper maintenance, your property can lose value, you can lose tenants, and you can lose money. Maintenance issues also  decrease customer satisfaction and the probability of a renewed lease.

With commercial real estate, you can either require tenants to be responsible for the maintenance or you, the landlord, are responsible for the maintenance, depending on the terms of the lease. Either way, it is crucial that the terms of the maintenance are clear to all parties involved. It is also important to inform tenants of what they can and cannot change on the property.

5. Commercial Property Management & Software

As a commercial landlord, there are resources available to you, including those provided by local real estate boards, real estate networking groups, and property management software. Employing a property manager or property management firm for a commercial property can be a game changer!

The screening of a commercial property manager can be as important as screening tenants. They will often be the first point of contact with tenants and the first one to troubleshoot maintenance issues. You should be sure a prospective property manager has experience and good references.

To ensure that your commercial properties are managed successfully, you may require a property management software to help you maximize efficiency. To manage all of the moving parts, you should consider using LandlordMAX to keep all of your tenants, properties, and documents organized.


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