(Originally PublishedJuly 18, 2017)

Curious about commercial office cleaning rates? This article outlines what goes into cleaning rates, how to know if you're getting a good deal, what exactly is a fair price, where clients often feel neglected, and how Kitchener Clean does it differently! If you're interested in learning more about office cleaning and commercial office cleaning rates, contact Kitchener Clean today!

What Determines Office Cleaning Costs?

One of the very first questions you probably have about commercial office cleaning rates is what exactly determines office cleaning costs? There are many factors that help determine the cost of cleaning your office. Here are a few of the main factors:

  • Dusting - Dusting may seem like just a small detail, but it is very important! Did you know that many companies forget to dust often neglected parts of the office such as computers and window ledges? The areas of your office you would like dusted will help determine the overall cost. At Kitchener Clean, we offer 'above six feet' and 'below six-inch' dusting with all of our packages, so window ledges and power cords will not be forgotten! However, the frequency of dusting these areas depends on the purchased package.

  • Kitchens - Kitchens are one of the areas that require the most thorough cleaning. For kitchen cleaning, services may include fridge cleaning, microwave cleaning, coffee maker cleaning, etc. on a regular basis as well as ensuring counters and floors are spotless and sanitized.

  • Bathrooms - The number of bathrooms in your office will contribute to cleaning costs. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the areas that require the most thorough cleaning and sanitation. We take extra care to ensure your bathrooms and kitchens are as clean or cleaner than what you would want in your own home. Careful attention to these two areas is needed to create a safe germ-free work environment.

  • Floors - The type of flooring and amount of flooring (size of office) will factor in to the overall office cleaning cost. Regular weekly cleaning of carpets and hard flooring will be less expensive than additional services such as deep cleaning and degreasing floors on a regular basis.

  • Garbage - Frequency of garbage collected and disposed of will help to determine the cost of cleaning your office. With Kitchener Clean, we include garbage collection and disposal as a weekly task in all three tiers of service.  

Costs are not only determined by what is cleaned in your office, but also by a few other factors. For example, the overall complexity of cleaning required and attention to the small details such as cleaning and dusting baseboards, or the frequency of dusting other very high or very low places contributes to overall cost.

The amount of garbage or recycling that needs to be taken care of in each room also plays into the overall cost of your office cleaning. If every single room in your large office has recycling bins that need to be taken care of, that will increase costs.

The number of labour hours required to do a job well done will also be a big cost factor, as well as the size of your office space.

The base price charge per visit will be determined by the size of the office and will contribute to overall commercial office cleaning costs.

*Actual prices may vary and taxes are extra. Prices are illustrative and actual quotes can only be provided during on-site visits.

Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Now that you know what goes into office cleaning prices, how do you know if you are getting a good deal? It's important to know both the positives and negatives - how to know a good deal, and also how to know if you're getting ripped off! The following lists out a few of the areas that many customers have felt ripped off:

  • Gas and territory fees
  • Incomplete or incorrect quotes
  • Poor customer service and difficulty dealing with staff and cleaners
  • Incomplete cleaning jobs
  • Not cleaning rooms or areas promised in the initial quote
  • Cleaners leaving before the job was complete or rushed cleaning jobs

The list above shows important things to look out for and avoid in a cleaning company. Keep these following tips in mind when looking at different office cleaning cost quotes to help you find a good and fair deal. Remember, what appears to be a 'good' deal is not always a fair deal! When looking for a fair deal, keep in mind:

  • Lowest price does not always mean the best value - Don't be fooled into thinking that the lowest price will necessarily give you the best value. Low prices can be great, especially for small offices with limited budgets. However, you often "get what you pay for." If one quote is significantly lower than all the rest, you may not be getting the best deal. What you initially save in money, you may lose in quality. If that happens, you might have to re-clean yourself or hire another company to come in and finish the job. This can end up costing you more!

  • Clear and transparent pricing - A good cleaning company will be 100% transparent about their cleaning costs and pricing. You should not be left wondering what your office cleaners will be cleaning and how much the job will cost you at the end of it all. Transparent pricing and an honest company will usually help to ensure you are getting a good deal, no matter what the overall cost.

  • Good Overall Reviews - Online reviews are becoming more and more popular, and many customers now rely on online reviews to help choose their cleaning companies. Of course, no company will have a perfect score. However, reading mostly positive reviews online, especially reviews that mention price, will help you determine if you are getting a good deal. Click here to see Kitchener Clean's Google Reviews!

  • See what's included - If Company A charges $60.00 per visit and includes a thorough kitchen and bathroom clean, while Company B charges $45.00 per visit and only includes a light wipe-down of the kitchen, then you may want to go with company A instead. As mentioned above, price isn't everything. Seeing all the services provided for the cost of the job will help you determine if you're paying a fair price.

  • Company experience - An experienced company will be able to do more and charge you less as they have learned what works and what is a fair price for each service.