(Originally Published December 26, 2018)

Did you know that green cleaning is becoming an increasingly popular trend in both workplaces and households across Canada - and the rest of the world? As consumers learn about the potential negative health and environmental impacts of conventional chemical cleaners, many are moving towards more sustainable options. To learn more about green and non-toxic cleaning options, contact the experts at Kitchener Clean today!

We use non-toxic cleaning products so you can breath easier!

Green Cleaning Products - Fact & Stats Infographic

Learn more about the use of green cleaning products with our infographic below!

Important Facts About Green Cleaning

Cleaning with chemicals in the home or office can cause significant indoor air pollution

According to the Nielsen Global Home-Care Survey, which polled over 30,000 people from around the world, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts that chemical cleaners can have. As awareness spreads, so does the use of green or eco-friendly cleaning products. This is true both in the home and in the workplace.

The survey found that 26% of respondents said that purchasing natural cleaning products was important to them, and 24% said that purchasing cleaning products with eco-friendly packaging was important to them. As we continue to learn more about the health and environmental impacts of chemical cleaners, it is likely that these numbers will continue to rise.

So, when it comes to green cleaning, what else should you know? See below to learn more and why so many consumers are choosing to go green.

  • Manufacturing conventional cleaners consumes 6.2 billion lbs of chemicals and 30 million trees
  • Chemical cleaners can cause serious side effects, such as burns, respiratory issues, hormone disruption, skin irritation, allergies, asthma, poisoning, and in severe cases, death
  • Using chemical cleaners greatly contributes to indoor air pollution
  • According to an EPA study, indoor air pollution is often 2-5 times higher than outdoor air pollution
  • Chemical cleaners are a common source of poisoning - and 89% of poison exposure occurs at home
  • Household cleaners are the second most common culprit for poisoning in children
  • Many household and commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Nitrogen and ammonia are both VOCs commonly found in cleaning products - both of which can negatively impact the environment.

Sources - safegreencleaners.com and theworldcounts.com

Going Green - How You Can Do it

Toilet bowl cleaners often contain harmful chemicals - but it is possible to find safer, green alternatives!

If you are concerned about the potential health and environment effects of conventional cleaners, you may be wondering how you can ‘go green’ too. There are many ways you can reduce the need for chemical cleaners and help keep the air you and others breath cleaner!

  • When purchasing green products, look for EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products. These products are tested and certified to be truly eco-friendly and effective products
  • Use natural cleaners when possible. Vinegar is a common household ingredient used for cleaning. Although it cannot be used to clean everything, it works well to clean things such as windows and even some types of floors.
  • Check ingredients - Many products appear to be eco-friendly due to packaging, but are really just using the deceptive marketing technique known as “green washing.” Check ingredients to see if the products are low in VOCs and use renewable resources.
  • Work with a non-toxic cleaning company - There are both residential and commercial cleaners that will use green or non-toxic cleaning products. At Kitchener Clean, we use always use the highest quality EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products when possible!
  • Check reviews from other users to see which green or non-toxic cleaning product works well (and which ones don’t). You can check out some green cleaning product articles and reviews from The Spruce here!

Looking For Green Commercial Cleaners In Kitchener?

Kitchener Clean is a locally owned and operated family business, so we treat our customers like we would treat our own family - with respect. We value integrity, consistency, and thoroughness with all of our clients. We also use non-toxic cleaning methods to keep you, your staff, and your clients breathing cleaner!

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