(Originally Published September 20, 2017)

Ready to hire a commercial cleaning service for your office in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, but don't know where to start? Finding a great cleaning company that meets all of your needs is important for a safe and healthy work environment. This article provides tips for hiring a cleaning service from industry insiders so you can find a good deal and avoid possible scams. Contact Kitchener Clean today if you're interested in finding out more about commercial office cleaning.

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“Great quality and feedback, these guys are very professional
and an excellent cleaning company.”

-- Robert, a Kitchener Clean Client

Traits Of a Great Cleaning Service

One of the first steps to finding the right cleaning service for you is knowing the traits of a great cleaning service! Here are some characteristics that a good cleaning service will have.

1. Trained and professional staff  

Cleaners that have been appropriately trained and act professionally go a very long way. Proper training is necessary to ensure that your cleaners do more than just the basics. Understanding how to properly disinfect and create a healthy, germ-free environment is vital for the health of you and your staff.

A common challenge many customers face when working with commercial cleaners is the feeling that staff don't care or are uncooperative. A professional staff team trained not only on the cleaning aspect but also on the customer service side is one step towards a great cleaning service.

2. Use of equipment

A great cleaning service will use up-to-date, proper equipment when cleaning your office. Up-to-date equipment does not mean brand new. However, it does mean that the cleaning company is using industry standard equipment and efficient cleaning tools that will properly sanitize and clean each space in your office. Don't hesitate to ask a cleaning service what type of equipment they use beforehand.

3. Efficient cleaning techniques

Along with the proper use of good equipment, a great cleaning company will employ efficient cleaning techniques. No one likes a rushed cleaning job - that is one of the biggest challenges customers face while looking for commercial cleaners.

Still, it's important that a service does not take more time than necessary to complete the job. Efficient cleaning techniques will take just the right amount of time without sacrificing cleanliness and proper sanitation. Like the use of equipment, do not hesitate to ask a cleaning service what cleaning techniques they use on a day-to-day basis.

4. Consistency and organization

Wondering when your cleaning company will show up or wondering exactly what they will clean when they arrive is frustrating and not a good sign of a reputable company. An organized, reputable cleaning company will leave you with no surprises. A clear, consistent schedule that works for the customer - and a company that sticks to that schedule - is a great trait of a good commercial cleaning company.

A cleaning schedule does not just include the time when a company shows up. It also includes tasks completion. A good cleaning company will let clients know how frequently tasks will be completed, such as cleaning floors, sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, or dusting baseboards/windowsills.

5. Clear communication and good customer service

A great commercial cleaning company will always have clear communication with clients and value excellent customer service. Good customer service does not just happen before a deal is made; it happens throughout the entire process, including after the job is done and if the customer has any feedback or complaints.

Clear communication includes clearly outlining prices so that customers are not left confused about how much the job will cost, as well as quickly replying to questions or comments customers or potential customers may have.

6. Good reviews

Word of mouth has always gone a long way. Now, it's easy to see what your "neighbours" think as online reviews become more and more popular. Of course, no company will have the perfect score. However, reading through online reviews and seeing what positive and negative reviews previous or current customers have to say will give you a good idea of how a cleaning service operates and if they are generally well received.

How To Avoid Scams

Unfortunately, scams happen in every industry, including the commercial cleaning industry. Understanding the traits of a great cleaning service will help you avoid a bad deal or a scam - but that's only step one. It's also important to know what a scam looks like and how to avoid one, as some scammers have been active for a long time and know how to appear like a reputable company. Here are some insider tips on how to avoid scams and bad deals.

  • Avoid extremely low prices - You know the saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is? If you notice that one company has quoted you significantly lower than all others for the same services, be wary. Once the job is in progress, the price may suddenly get higher and higher for "unforeseen" reasons.

  • Question everything - It's okay to be skeptical, and a bit of caution can go a long way. It's easy to fake a website or sound professional over the phone. Do a bit research, read reviews, and ask questions about techniques and equipment that only a real cleaning service would know the answers to.

  • Get it in writing - Words, as great as they are, mean nothing. Unless you have it in writing, it is not official. A written quote, as opposed to a number given over the phone, is necessary to avoid a bad deal. It is important that you read, understand, and agree to a written contract or form - verbal confirmation is just not good enough.

  • Check the company's BBB (Better Business Bureau) score - Not every company has a BBB score and that's okay. However, if you already feel like something is off with a certain company, double check to see if they have a poor score on BBB.org.

  • Avoid companies that are not willing to provide up front information - As mentioned above, a reputable company will be transparent about costs and about what their prices include. A company that is not willing to provide you with answers to your questions or that refuses to give specific information about tasks they will be completing is a big red flag.

  • Read the fine print - No one loves reading the fine print, and that's why many people end up feeling frustrated or duped by unprofessional companies. Though it may not be fun, reading the fine print can save you a major headache later on!

How To Know If A Cleaning Service Is Right For You

Now that you know what a reputable cleaning company looks like and how to avoid possible scams, how do you know which reputable company to go with? There are many options out there for you to choose from, and it's important for you to pick the cleaning service that best suits your needs. Here are some tips on how to pick the right service for you, your employees, and your office.

  • The company provides the services that you need - Of course, one of the very first things that will help you decide if a cleaning company is right for you is if they provide all of the services you need! It's a good idea to determine what services you are looking for ahead of time so it's easy to pick the right service. A good cleaning service will also help you (without being pushy) select the right services and tasks if you are unsure of what your office needs.

  • The company does not subcontract the work - If it is important that you work closely with those you are talking to about the job, then you probably want to go with a company that does all their own work.

  • The company is experienced - Experience is not everything, but having experience in the field will help ensure that the company you work with is knowledgable and can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • Quick response times - When working with a cleaning service, it's important that your questions are answered in a timely manner. Hiring a company with quick response times will ensure that you are not left feeling confused or frustrated.

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