(Originally Published August 11, 2018)

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services but aren't sure how to find a company that best suits your needs? Working with professional cleaners can help create a better and safer work environment. That's why it's so important to find a company you feel more than just satisfied with. When searching for commercial cleaners, you may feel overwhelmed with so many options. That's why we've put together this guide to help you choose the right cleaners for you, your employees, and your workplace. For more information about commercial cleaning service in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, contact Kitchener Clean now!

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

With so many different options available, you may have trouble choosing commercial cleaners that will be work best for you and your workplace. One of the best ways to find a great cleaning company is to look out for the following six traits and best practices found with professional cleaners.

#1 - Knowledgeable Staff

When you work with a great cleaning service, you will quickly discover that they know the right techniques to provide a thorough clean and proper sanitation. They will also know exactly how and when to use certain tools and machinery.

Professional cleaners who care about their work will have up-to-date cleaning tools and will ensure that they can answer any customer concerns or questions regarding cleaning methods. Before you choose a commercial cleaner, be sure to find out about their techniques, machinery, and sanitation methods. If staff are able to provide you with detailed information, that's a good sign you are working with a knowledgable company.

#2 - Dependable

A professional cleaning company will be dependable and reliable. You should never have to guess when your cleaners will arrive at your office. A professional, experienced cleaning company will work closely with their clients to create a cleaning schedule that works well for everyone.

Since cleaning can create disruptions in the office, professional cleaners will do their best to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. Keep in mind that dependable cleaners also provide dependable work! You can rest assured that every clean will be as good as the last. You may want to ask your potential cleaners for references to see if other clients have found the company to be dependable.

#3 - Affordable

When you work with a professional cleaning service, you should feel good about what you are paying. That's not to say that cheapest is necessary better! Remember that if something looks way too good to be true, it usually is!

Still, a professional cleaning company will understand budget restrictions and will work with you to find a plan and schedule that works well for all of your needs - and your budget! Talk to your potential new cleaners to see what prices they offer, how many different plans they have, and what options fall within your budget.

#4 - Wants To Hear Feedback

No one is perfect. Even experienced and professional companies may find themselves in a situation where a client or customer is unsure about or unhappy with their service. A great commercial cleaning company will not avoid feedback or constructive criticism, instead, they will actively seek out feedback to ensure clients feel happy and all needs are met!

A professional cleaning service will always look for productive feedback, whether by encouraging online reviews and testimonials, asking over the phone or in person, or conducting regular check-ins with business owners.

#5 - High-Quality Work

"Good enough" should not be your commercial cleaners slogan! When you work with a professional cleaning company, you'll notice that they not only meet your expectations, they constantly work to exceed your expectations!

A great cleaning service will take pride in their work. You will also see that they actually enjoy it too, so they will do more than just meet the bare minimum standards.

When working with professionals, you shouldn't have to ask them to re-clean or re-do any work, as everything will be left cleaner than you've ever imagined!

#6 - Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is what happens when you work with a knowledgeable company who places value on high-quality work. A company that cares about its work and is knowledgable in its practices will also pay close attention to detail. Oftentimes smaller areas are forgotten or missed due to inexperience or the fact that so much cleaning time is spent elsewhere.

A great cleaning company won't skip of these often-forgotten places such as window ledges, corners, under desks, and more. Ask your cleaners if they pay attention to these areas, if they clean up cobwebs and crumbs, etc. You should be able to tell how much attention they pay to the little things when you ask these questions.

Questions To Ask Your New Cleaners

Before selecting your new cleaners, you should have a conversation with them and ask the following questions to see if they will be a good fit for you!

What size(s) of offices/workplaces do you normally clean? - If you have a huge office but your cleaners only do small jobs, you may want to work with a different company.

  • What type(s) of workplaces do your normally clean? - Do you have an unconventional office? Or maybe you don't work in an office at all! Ask to see if they have experience with your type of workplace.

  • When are you available? - Are the cleaners available during your office hours, or theirs? Are they flexible? Are you flexible?

  • What could our potential cleaning schedule look like? - Find out what their typical clients' cleaning schedule looks like to see if that is something that will work for you.

  • What plans/options do you have? - Do you need weekly cleaning? Monthly cleaning? Find out how frequently your cleaners can come and what services they provide during each clean.

  • Do you have insurance? - Ensure your new cleaners have liability insurance. Ask how much that insurance covers.

  • How many years of experience do you have? - An experienced company is not necessarily a better company, but it is a good idea to see how long your company has been in business.

  • What cleaning products do you use? - Do you have any environmental concerns? Do you prefer a company that uses green cleaning products? Ask these questions, as it will help you determine if a company aligns with your values.

  • Can you give me a quote? - Getting a quote will help you figure out if their services are within your prince range and budget.

Key Information To Share With Your New Cleaners

Related to the questions above, there is some information you should disclose with your potential new cleaners before you choose to sign a contract. Sharing this information with your new cleaners will help both of you decided if this professional relationship is a good fit or not.

  • What services you need - When asking your new cleaners what services they have, be sure to let them know what services you need! They may be able to provide you with even more relevant information when you are specific about your wants and needs.

  • How often you need cleaning - Your new cleaners may tell you they are generally available weekly or monthly - but they may not immediately tell you about less popular options (such as twice or week or every 6 weeks, for example) to save time. When you tell your new cleaners how often you need cleaning, they can let you know exactly if they can or cannot provide that for you.

  • Main goals - What do you hope to get our of your cleaning service? Many business owners hope for more than just cleaner floors, but a better office environment and increased worker morale. Discuss your goals with your cleaners to see if your vision is possible and realistic.

  • Your budget - When you work with professional cleaners, they will do their best to find a cleaning plan that works well within your budget. However, they can only do this if you share your budget with them! Be open and honest about your needs and budget and see if your new cleaners can find something that works well for you.

Communication With Your Cleaners

Clear communication is one of the best things you can have with your new commercial cleaners. Before you choose to sign a contract, be sure to get a sense for their communication skills. You can find this out by checking their references, reading online reviews, and asking questions such as 'How can we get ahold of you?" or "How often are you available to talk?" and "How quickly do you respond to emails or phone calls?"

Communication is more than just the ability to flag down their receptionist, however, Clear communication means that you are not left in the dark when it comes to cleaning times and schedule, bills, and services they provide. You should never be left guessing what or why something is on your bill at the end of the month, or why your cleaners sometimes arrive at 1:00 and sometimes arrive at 5:00. A great cleaning service will ensure that you always know when and why certain things occur, and will be open to discussing any concerns in a professional and timely manner.

Looking For Commercial Cleaners In Kitchener?

Kitchener Clean is a locally owned and operated family business, so we treat our customers like we would treat our own family - with respect. We value integrity, consistency, and thoroughness with all of our clients. We also use non-toxic cleaning methods to keep you, your staff, and your clients breathing cleaner!

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Our reputation is important to us, so we guarantee all of our services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will return within 24 hours to address your concern at no additional cost.

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