(Originally Published May 28, 2018)

Wondering what your commercial cleaners should be cleaning on a regular basis? Though every office will likely have a unique package based on their specific wants and needs, most professional cleaners will follow similar weekly and monthly schedules. If you are looking for a specific commercial cleaning package for your workplace, contact the experts at Kitchener Clean today to find a package that works best for you! If you are looking for a general office cleaning checklist, read below or download our list at the bottom of the page.

Office Cleaning Checklist

This office cleaning checklist is intended to be used as a sample checklist. It can be used as a guide to help business owners see what their commercial cleaners should be cleaning on a regular basis, how to hire a professional cleaning company, and to help you choose a cleaning package and rate that works best for you and your needs.

Β  Β 

Cleaned daily Β 

βœ” Clean & disinfect bathrooms ☐

  • Clean bathroom mirrors ☐
  • Disinfect toilets and sinks ☐
  • Wash bathroom floors ☐
  • Disinfect door handles, paper towel dispensers,
  • etc in bathrooms ☐

βœ” Clean and vacuum carpets ☐

βœ” Clean and vacuum hard floors ☐

βœ” Empty garbages and waste ☐

βœ” Wipe all glass and doors ☐

βœ” Collect recycling ☐

βœ” Clean & disinfect kitchen/break room ☐

  • Clean and disinfect kitchen floors ☐
  • Disinfect paper towel dispensers ☐
  • Clean and sanitize sinks ☐
  • Wipe down doors and sills ☐
  • Clean tables ☐

βœ” Dust window ledges and other flat surfaces ☐

βœ” Clean window sills and doors ☐

βœ” Clean drinking fountains ☐

βœ” Clean elevators and stairs ☐

Cleaned Bi-weekly Β or monthly

βœ” Clean and disinfect desks, office phones, etc. ☐

βœ” Sweep and mop office floors ☐

βœ” Sweep and vacuum all offices ☐

βœ” Clean and disinfect shelves & bookshelves ☐

βœ” Clean and buff hard floors ☐

βœ” Clean outdoor glass ☐

βœ” Vacuum vents and chairs ☐

Upkeep For Employees

It's a good idea for employees and workers to upkeep their office to help ensure it remains sanitary in between cleans. Here are some tips for workers to help maintain your office space.

βœ” Clean counters after preparing food ☐

βœ” Remove old food from the office fridge ☐

βœ” Wipe down microwave if food spills ☐

βœ” Clean your desk if after you eat ☐

βœ” Clean spills immediately to prevent stains ☐

Office Cleaning Checklist

See The Difference With Kitchener Clean!

Selecting a commercial cleaning company that works to complete regular thorough cleaning of your office space can help ensure your office is cleaner than ever, and that you and your employees feel better than ever!

The best way to keep everyone in your office safe and healthy is by consistent cleaning. Hiring a cleaning service will help maintain kitchen appliances and help keep your kitchen and office clean with office compost services!

At Kitchener Clean, we care about your office, your staff, and the environment. That's why all of our cleaning products are non-toxic to ensure the safety of your staff.

Kitchener Clean always uses the highest quality EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products when possible in your office. EcoLogo is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark.

EcoLogo provides customers with the assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. Using green, non-toxic cleaning products means that everyone in your office can breathe easy without worrying about harsh chemicals or allergic sensitivities.

"Kitchener Clean stands apart from other cleaning companies because

of the full service they offer. Not only are they professional and friendly,

they are also incredibly thorough."

-- Anne Marie, a Kitchener Clean customer.


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