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If you are looking for office cleaners in Kitchener or the surrounding areas, you may be wondering what proper office cleaning etiquette looks like. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 5 examples of cleaning etiquette a professional commercial cleaning company will use. We will also outline some great office cleaning tips to share with employees, so your work place can remain clean and sanitary in between professional cleans. To learn more about high-quality cleaning for your office, contact the experts at Kitchener Clean now!

Office Cleaning Kitchener: Cleaning Etiquette

If you have spent any time researching local commercial cleaners, you will find that you have many options to choose from! How do you know which company is right for you, your specific needs, and your workplace? One of the best ways to narrow down your search is to find out if your prospective cleaners make use of these cleaning etiquettes.

Depending on where you live, certain characteristics and etiquettes may vary. For example, in Kitchener and other cold climates during the winter, you will want to work with commercial cleaners who understand that cleaning floors and surfaces in the winter may be more challenging due to salt build-up and increased moisture.

However, no matter where you live or what your office is like, here are the 5 cleaning etiquettes every professional cleaner should have.

#1 - Excellent Communication

One of the first things most business owners and managers notice about any company they work with is either great or poor communication skills. Unfortunately, poor communication can quickly transform a promising, long-term relationship into a frustrating, short-lived one. However, excellent communication can help a business relationship thrive.

A professional cleaning company will ensure that every staff member has great communication skills and values strong communication between the business and their clients. Great communication shows that your cleaning company cares for you. They will listen to your feedback (whether positive or constructive), ensure your wants and needs are well understood, and ensure you understand your contract as well as the proposed cleaning schedule.

#2 - High-Quality Services

A professional cleaning company will value their work and the services they offer. High-quality services include ensuring work is done to the highest standard (for example, cleaning "often-forgotten" spaces such as corners and window ledges), using high-quality cleaning materials, and making us of the latest machinery and cleaning technology.

When you work with a great cleaning company, you will see that they value you. Because of this, they will enjoy making sure that your workplace receives only the best services and high-quality clean.

Many offices often realize that their current cleaning services do not take extra care for common 'problem areas,' such as kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas like hallways.

You won't have to worry about these areas of your office when you work with a company that values great cleaning etiquette. They will never require any reminders. They will also ensure that their staff has been properly trained on professional and quality techniques so that even their newest staff will understand the importance of cleaning all areas with great care.  

#3 - Ability To Accommodate Needs

Every office has unique needs, challenges, and preferences. Excellent cleaning companies will ask questions to help determine these needs and do their best to accommodate. One example is a workplace that has out-of-the-ordinary hours. Instead of the traditional 9-5, workers are in the office from 4 pm - 1 am. A great cleaning service will go by your office hours, not their own.

Another example is workplace allergies or sensitivities. Many people are not only sensitive to fragrances or harsh chemicals but are actually allergic. Employees with severe allergies may experience asthma attacks or migraines, making them unable to continue working. Ask your prospective cleaning company if they use non-toxic, green cleaning solutions instead, so employees can breath easy at work.

#4 - Respects Your Workplace

No one likes disruptions during work hours. Many workplaces find that commercial cleaners often do more harm than good, as they are disruptive to the normal workplace schedule. Fortunately, that is not a problem with all commercial cleaners! When working with a high-quality company, you will see that they respect you, your staff, and your workplace.

Of course, some mild disruptions are unavoidable - that comes whenever anyone new enters your workplace. However, professional cleaners will work hard to keep any possible disruptions to a minimum. They will be quiet and respectful of your employees and workplace. They will also try to come up with a schedule to perform louder activities, such as carpet cleaning, before or after work hours.

#5 - Employs Friendly And Polite Staff

Even if you love any given cleaning company's owner and receptionist, that doesn't really matter if their cleaning staff is impolite and unprofessional! Since you will be interacting the most with cleaning staff, it's very important that professional cleaners employ friendly and polite staff.

A professional company will ensure that their cleaning staff has received the proper training - not just for cleaning techniques, but also training on customer interaction and communication. They will also ensure that their staff has received background checks, so you can rest assured you will only work with professionals - from the manager to the newest staff.

Wondering what a commercial cleaning schedule could like like within your workplace? Check out our office cleaning checklist and schedule sample here!

Why Does Etiquette Matter?

When searching for commercial cleaners, some business owners may overlook things like professionalism or etiquette when they notice the cheapest price tag. Of course, budget and cost is important! It's a good idea to find a commercial cleaning service that works with your budget and fits your need. However, cost is not everything.

Going with the cheapest or most convenient option without asking for references, understanding their company's vision, and ignoring warning signs such as poor communication, lack of relevant information, and very long wait times may end up costing you more in the end!

When your commercial cleaners do not perform their job well, that means you and your employees must pick up the slack. This takes away from valuable time employees could be doing their own jobs. Cleaners who demonstrate the 5 etiquettes listed above will ensure your workplace is consistently clean and sanitary, which helps improve office morale, reduces employee sick days, and more!

Questions To Ask Your New Cleaners

Though etiquette is very important when trying to select the perfect cleaners for your workplace, that is not all there is to it! See below for some questions you should ask your prospective cleaners before hiring. These questions will help you further determine if they are a good fit for you and your company.

  • What size(s) of offices/workplaces do you normally clean? - If you have a huge office but your cleaners only do small jobs, you may want to work with a different company.
  • What type(s) of workplaces do your normally clean? - Do you have an unconventional office? Or maybe you don't work in an office at all! Ask to see if they have experience with your type of workplace.
  • When are you available? - Are the cleaners available during your office hours, or theirs? Are they flexible? Are you flexible?
  • What could our potential cleaning schedule look like? - Find out what their typical clients' cleaning schedule looks like to see if that is something that will work for you.
  • What plans/options do you have? - Do you need weekly cleaning? Monthly cleaning? Find out how frequently your cleaners can come and what services they provide during each clean.
  • Do you have insurance? - Ensure your new cleaners have liability insurance. Ask how much that insurance covers.
  • How many years of experience do you have? - An experienced company is not necessarily a better company, but it is a good idea to see how long your company has been in business.
  • What cleaning products do you use? - Do you have any environmental concerns? Do you prefer a company that uses green cleaning products? Ask these questions, as it will help you determine if a company aligns with your values.
  • Can you give me a quote? - Getting a quote will help you figure out if their services are within your prince range and budget.

Office Cleaning Tips For Employees


Depending on your agreed upon cleaning schedule, your commercial cleaners may be at your office almost every day or just a few times per month. No matter what your schedule looks like, it's a good idea to encourage a culture of clean in your workplace. Practices good hygiene, food safety, and cleanliness helps prevent the spread of sickness and keeps your workplace cleaner between professional cleans. Here are some tips to help your employees desks from ending up like the one in the infographic above!

  • Create a Clean Policy - Sometimes, it's easiest for everyone if you create a clear, defined cleaning policy that's easy to understand and follow. You can include information about expectations, requirements, and consequences for not complying with the policy. Remember to allow your employees time to get used to new policies and rules. Changes can be difficult for anyone to remember right away!
  • Educate Employees - It may be difficult to get employees to change their ways if they do not understand why they should or how to do it. Ensure you explain the benefits of your new clean policies, such as less sickness all around and a lower chance of catching the flu during flu season.
  • Focus on Kitchens & Bathrooms - Just as a great cleaning company will focus on these problem areas, you can too! Sometimes, it's important to "pick your battles." Since bathrooms can quickly spread germs, put up signs about proper hand cleaning and proper use of the garbage cans. Add signs to your kitchen about wiping down your microwave after every use and ensuring old food does not sit in the fridge.
  • Encourage Immediate Action - Encourage employees to clean up spills immediately, to eat in break rooms (but if they do eat at their desk, to clean it immediately afterwards), and report any problems such as flooded toilets right away. You can keep an emergency spill kit and other cleaning supplies easily accessible so employees don't have to hunting for supplies if an accident does occur.

Looking For Commercial Cleaners In Kitchener?

Kitchener Clean is a locally owned and operated family business, so we treat our customers like we would treat our own family - with respect. We value integrity, consistency, and thoroughness with all of our clients. We also use non-toxic cleaning methods to keep you, your staff, and your clients breathing cleaner!

Did you know that Kitchener Clean started out as a home cleaning company? Today we are still firmly committed to cleaning your office as thoroughly as we would our own home. We are also dedicated to great customer service, honesty, and integrity.

At Kitchener Clean, we believe that our Office Care Technicians are a key reason we are so successful. We strive to hire the best Office Care Professionals in the business. We take security seriously so all of our staff are bonded and have undergone police checks


Our reputation is important to us, so we guarantee all of our services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will return within 24 hours to address your concern at no additional cost.

We even guarantee our response time. If we haven’t responded to any client communication within 24 hours of receiving it, we will offer you a free week of Office Care. That is how strongly we feel about the importance of communication and customer satisfaction. We will always stand behind our work. We guarantee it.

"They do a great job, for over 5 years now. Professional, trusted, and affordable... exactly what you need in a commercial cleaner."

-- Robert, A Kitchener Clean Customer!


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