(Originally Published October 25, 2019)

In this article, we will give you a free cleaning office cleaning checklist as well as a sample office cleaning schedule for you to use in your business.

With our 24 hour clean guarantee, you can trust that Kitchener Clean knows when office cleaning tasks need to be completed.

Scroll down to learn what you should have for an office cleaning schedule. So, Let’s get started!

Follow an office cleaning schedule to maximize productivity and cleanliness

Office Cleaning Schedule

Daily Cleaning Lists

Daily cleaning lists are comprised of the absolute minimum tasks that must be completed in order to keep an office clean and sanitary for office workers. Daily cleaning lists will address communal areas of an office, including the reception or lobby area, workspaces (offices or cubicles), washrooms and the break room or kitchen area.

Top daily cleaning lists for an office reception, lobby and workspace areas should include:

  • Vacuuming daily debris from all floor areas (including tile)
  • Disinfectant mopping of all hard floor and tiled areas
  • Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
  • Standard glass cleaner to wipe down all glass areas
  • Damp-wipe hard surfaces with mild disinfectant
  • Polish brass and bright work
  • Clean walls and painted surfaces as needed
  • Wipe down door handles, light switches and baseboards

Top daily cleaning lists for the break and washrooms (including kitchen break rooms) should include:

  • Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
  • Disinfectant mopping and wipe down of all hard surfaces
  • Sanitize and clean all basins, toilets, doors and fixtures in washroom
  • Refill soap dispensers
  • If there is a dishwasher, load all dishes present in dishwasher and run
  • Wipe down all reflective surfaces including mirrors, brass, and glass
  • Use spray disinfectant on the sides of all surfaces including toilets, doors, sinks, and appliances
By tidying your work space daily, you can keep it cleaner in the long run

Weekly Cleaning Lists

Weekly cleaning lists include bigger ticket and deep cleaning items that create a healthier work environment for employees and guests of the office.

  • Polish and buff all hardwood surfaces including floors and conference tables
  • Squeegee glass windows inside and out (as needed)
  • Empty refrigerator of all employee brought food, clean, and disinfect
  • Empty and disinfect all trash receptacles, add new liners
Monthly Cleaning Lists

Monthly cleaning lists are shorter than daily and monthly and should be limited to only those items that can be neglected without endangering the health or safety of the office population.

  • Vacuum all fabric chairs (clean as needed)
  • Vacuum all vents
  • Dust all high surfaces, working top to bottom
  • Vacuum and deep clean surface areas
A clean office demonstrates a high standard of excellence

Office Cleaning Checklist

Along with an office cleaning schedule, an office cleaning checklist is essential. You can download Kitchener Clean’s Office Cleaning checklist here and view it below. You can also view more cleaning schedules on Pinterest.

Kitchener Clean Office Cleaning Checklist

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