(Originally Published October 19, 2017)

Keeping your office clean is not just a one man job! It is important for employers and workers alike to get on board with office cleanliness, no matter where you work. Offices big and small often need reminders, and that's why so many memos are out there. We've compiled a list of the top 10 memo templates and samples to help you and your office become a cleaner, happier place!

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Top 10 Memo Templates and Samples

Here are the top 10 memo templates and samples we've found around the web!

1. Keep your kitchen clean

> Click here to view Cover Letters and Resume's "Keep Kitchen Clean" memo templates.

This awesome website provides a clear explanation as to why you might need a "Keep Kitchen Clean" memo template, whether you work in a restaurant or an office setting. It provides two great sample memos for you to use and modify however you need to for your specific workplace.

2. Employees must wash hands

There are many variations of the sign above, but the message in all of them stays the same. It is a great reminder that specifically targets employees who may be in a rush after using the bathroom to wash their hands and help keep the office clean and germ-free. Signs like the one above are inexpensive to purchase and easy to write out by hand if necessary. This simple office memo can go a long way.

3. Keep the office clean reminder

> Click here to view Cover Letters and Resume's "Keep Office Clean" memo template

Another great office memo from Coverlettersandresume.com, this memo template is applicable to nearly every single workplace and can be easily modified to suit your specific needs and requests. It includes a bullet point section for managers and employers to list some simple ways employees can do their part in keeping the office clean. For example, one suggestion on the list is a reminder to always use a liner in trash cans for clean and easy disposal of garbage. If you are having trouble with messy employees, this is a great memo template to use.

4. Prevent the flu (video)


This 45-second video by Staples may not look like your average office memo template, but videos can be an effective way of encouraging great office health and safety practices! If your office is struggling with a spreading flu, maybe send everyone this funny, quick video as a reminder to keep their work areas (and themselves!) clean and sanitary. As shown in the video, keeping cleaning wipes at your desk is a good way to help prevent the spread of the flu. Sometimes, videos may even work better than a written memo.  They are easy to remember, especially if they are funny.

5. Office fridge memo

> Click here to view the entire safety memo by Homefoodsafety.org

This excellent memo posted by eatright.org reminds employees to keep their refrigerators safe and clean, as many offices have a problem with dirty and even unsanitary fridge conditions! This memo includes the temperature your fridge should stay at, how to remove odours, and how to practice safe cleaning. Print it off and post it on your office fridge or email it to staff. This office memo is a good example of an effective, practical office memo.

6. Office "PETiquette"

> Click here for the Household Pet Toxins Infographic, provided by Nationwide pet insurance

As bringing your dog to work becomes more and more common, there are new office etiquette rules that employees should be quick to learn and follow. If your office allows pets, consider putting up this great office memo infographic. It tells workers how to keep their pets feeling comfortable and safe at work, but it also reminds workers that bringing in a pet can cause allergic reactions for some colleagues or clientele. It gives tips on reducing possible allergens, keeping everyone happy and healthy.

7. Fragrance free (poster)

Perfume and fragrances in the workplace can cause real, sometimes even serious problems to workers, employers, and even clients who are sensitive or allergic. Posting a memo like the one above can help create an atmosphere of awareness and caring. Not everyone is aware of how scents can affect others, and promoting clean, fragrance-free air is a great way to help everyone in the office.

8. Fragrance Free (Written Policy)

> Click here to view the American Lung Association's sample of a fragrance free office policy

If a poster is not enough to discourage the use of fragrances in your office, you may want to look into creating a policy and distributing that memo to everyone in the workplace. The American Lung Association has provided the public with a sample of a fragrance free workplace policy. This sample policy can help those who may not know how to write a policy such as this one, and in turn, help those in the workplace who are sensitive to scents.

9. Office bathroom etiquette

> Click here to see Career Trend's how-to guide on writing a memo regarding bathroom cleanliness

Sending out a memo to your employees about keeping the bathroom clean can be uncomfortable and feel like a very sensitive topic. It is important to address bathroom etiquette with a certain degree of sensitivity because it is often not spoken about and may be embarrassing to some. Career Trend's guide on how to write a memo about bathroom etiquette provides a lot of great tips about getting the message across without offending anyone. If you need to write an office bathroom memo, this guide will help you do it right!

10. Office etiquette with "mister manners"


Our final memo on the list is another video and covers general office etiquette techniques, from the food you eat at work, to how you talk on the phone, to desk cleanliness. This short video provides workers and employers alike with tips by etiquette expert "Mister Manners." If you feel like those in your workplace may need a general reminder of professional workplace habits, this is the perfect video to share.

Ready for a Safer and Cleaner Office?

Encouraging workers with written memos, posters, and videos to take office cleanliness seriously is a great way to boost awareness and cleanliness in the office. However, unless your staff has lots of extra time to clean, there is only so much they can do while getting their own work done. A commercial cleaner like Kitchener Clean can help ensure your office is clean, safe, and sanitary so your workers can do their part but don't have to worry!

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