(Originally Published May 04, 2018)

Considering commercial cleaners for your workplace? Even the seemingly cleanest office spaces can benefit from professional cleaning services. Commercial cleaners help make your office a safer, cleaner, and overall better place to work. In this article we'll take a look at the top 5 benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company. Ready to learn more about commercial cleaners? Contact the experts at Kitchener Clean now!

Your Office Is Dirtier Than You Think!

Check out the infographic below to see just how dirty one simple office desk can get. Some areas in your office, such as kitchens and bathrooms, become obviously dirty. Others, like your desk, often collect germs and dirt without your knowledge.


Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Can you believe that the average computer keyboard harbours approximately 7,500 bacteria? If your keyboard is that bad, what about the rest of your office? Commercial cleaners help ensure that every inch of your office is safe and hygienic - but they do more than just clean. Learn about all of the benefits of commercial cleaners below.

#1 - Creates a Safer & Healthier Environment

Most individuals have the ability to clean - after all, we can keep our houses or apartments clean and tidy! However, keeping an office clean is much different than a home environment. There are many factors you don't have to worry about at your own home, such as sick employees coming to work, clients constantly coming in and out of your building, and potential health risks such as insect infestations or unknown mould growth in your building.

Commercial cleaning companies have the cleaning knowledge and know-how when it comes to commercial and office spaces. A professional cleaning service will be able to clean kitchens and bathrooms as if it were their own home, and also clean and sanitize floors, desks, and office equipment knowing they can harbour invisible problems.

Office allergens are a serious problem in Canada and around the world. The most common office allergens include dust, mould, mice, fragrances, and finally, cleaning products! When you work with professionals, they help ensure moisture and crumbs disappear - reducing the chances of mice or mould. They dust and clean even the most forgotten spaces, ensuring dust doesn't build up. Some commercial cleaners also employ non-toxic cleaning methods, meaning your employees won't react to fragrances added to cleaning products or harsh chemicals.

#2 - Improves Your Professional Image

Without professional training, it's difficult to keep your office as clean as commercial cleaners could. Most offices only have basic cleaning supplies, and just do not have the equipment to keep floors and other areas germ and stain-free.

Commercial cleaners help make your office look and feel better. Though you may have gotten used to that musty smell in your boardroom, it's likely that a new client would notice right away! Working with commercial cleaners helps improve your professional image, as it soon becomes clear that you and your staff care about your office.

It can also improve your professional image in terms of hiring new staff. Many new workers want to feel comfortable in their work environment, especially if it is a new place of work.

Some workers may even reject a job offer if they felt the office was uncared for or it looked like staff and managers were too disorganized. In the Careeradditct.com article, 25 Unmistakable Signs Of a Bad Company Culture, the #5 suggested reason given to turn down a job offer is due to a messy office!

"If the office is messy - RUN! Their working structure isn’t going to be any neater. A messy office shows that no one takes pride in the office and aren’t happy in their current positions." - Careeraddict.com

Though you and your employees may absolutely love your jobs and your workplace, a messy or dirty work environment is not going to give that impression - that's why it's so important to ensure your office is clean, organized, and presentable.

#3 - Frees Up Employee Time

Your office should be a place where you and your employees feel comfortable and productive. It should be a safe place to get all necessary tasks completed within an appropriate amount of time! However, if you do not have a cleaning staff, it's likely that you will have to assign cleaning work to employees who are not trained in commercial cleaning.

If your employees are spending time cleaning instead of working, you risk wasting valuable time they could be finishing up that time-sensitive report or completing the perfect advertisement.

Of course, it's important that your employees clean up after themselves and take responsibility for any spills or dirt they may leave! However, spending hours on a weekly basis cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and more may not be the best use of your employee's time.

Even if it looks like your employees have done a thorough clean, because they are not professionals, they may actually just be surface cleaning. Germs and bacteria can easily be left behind - causing other employees to get sick and then miss more work! Commercial cleaners will know how to not only clean surfaces, but properly disinfect surfaces to kill germs and bacteria.

#4 - More Productive Employees

Not only will your staff have more time to do important company work if you hire commercial cleaners, they will also be more productive! As mentioned above, commercial cleaners reduce office allergens and reduce the risk of illnesses, such as the flu, from spreading. That means employees will get to spend more time at work feeling great, instead of working through an illness or staying home sick.

A clean and healthy office environment also lowers stress levels! Long-term stress can cause many issues including anxiety or depression, stomach problems, and increased tiredness.

Creating a clean office space helps employees feel safe, secure, and less stressed - which in turn increases productivity levels!

Working in an organized and clean office can boost morale and help everyone stay focused. This is great for everyone in your office, including employees, managers, clients, and customers. Happy employees will help draw more clients in, and creating a dirt and clutter-free environment will help everyone stay focused on each task at hand.

#5 - Added Value

Ensuring your office is professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help add value to your work and even the resell value of your space.

If you own your office and plan to eventually grow your business and move to a larger building, keeping your current building clean, maintained, and mould and dirt-free will help increase your resale value.

There is also the value added when you have a more productive staff: a presentable office space. A more presentable space means new clients or customers are more likely to feel comfortable at your office - making them more comfortable to work with you! More productive employees mean you receive high-quality work and a staff team who is ready and willing to get their jobs done.

Word of mouth and online reviews are increasing important to potential customers and even employees. If your office space is dirty, smelly, or a disorganized mess, you may get poor reviews and less business. Your employees may avoid bringing new people to your business if they feel embarrassed about the conditions of their office space. A great reputation starts with a great environment.

Ready To Keep Your Office Cleaner Than Ever Before?

Having a cleaner office environment can help you and your employees feel productive, happy, and satisfied in the workplace. Knowing that you care about your office environment and your employee's health can help make everyone feel more comfortable at work.

At Kitchener Clean, we know that a clean and healthy work environment can make a big difference in any office and helps ensure all workers feel their best.

At Kitchener Clean, we are dedicated to helping create safe and healthy work environments! We also believe that everyone should be entitled to breathe clean, chemical-free air at work.

That's why we are dedicated to providing non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safer than traditional cleaning methods. Gentle, yet highly effective, our EcoLogo or Green Seal products are especially beneficial for people with asthma or chemical and allergic sensitivities as well as for our planet. Being “green” doesn’t mean being less clean.

Hiring an experienced cleaning company who knows to clean all the usually forgotten nooks and crannies and how to avoid mold and dust build-up will help keep your office space clean and your workers healthy!

“I have been using Kitchener Clean for several years now. Recently added a second property.

Very professional, Very thorough. They are like clockwork. I would recommend them to

any business that is looking for a cleaning company they can depend on.”

-- Mark, A Kitchener Clean Customer!


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