(Originally Published February 20, 2019)

Is your carpet cleaning strategy really as effective as you think it is? Almost 30 million tonnes of dust circulates indoor air annually, allowing for up to 2000 dust mites to exist on one ounce of carpet dust. Office spaces with a number of employees and high foot traffic have an even higher risk of carrying dirt, dust, and soil within carpets, leading to a reduced lifespan of carpet and a negative work environment for employees when not properly cleaned. Wondering if your carpet cleaning strategy is up to par? Contact the experts at Kitchener Clean to learn more about how to take care of your office carpets and non-toxic cleaning options!

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Mistake #1: Cleaning Carpets Infrequently

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in carpet cleaning is actually not cleaning your carpets enough. Frequent foot traffic in your office brings dirt, slush, salt and spills with it, causing long-term damage to your carpet if not regularly cleaned. Through frequent maintenance of your office carpets, you can extract the dirt, residue and bacterias that have built up over time and actually prolong the life of the carpet.

In addition to long-term damage, infrequent cleaning of carpets also contributes to a negative work environment for your employees. Studies have shown that employees working in offices that they perceive to be “unclean” actually report lower levels of productivity than those in well-maintained environments. For the sake of your investment and your employees, consider regular carpet cleaning as part of your office schedule.

Mistake #2: Treating All Carpets as Equal

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, the strategy shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Simply using one product, piece of equipment or method won’t take care of the unique needs of each area in your office. Before cleaning, a professional commercial cleaner should evaluate the different areas of your office to determine what type of cleaning products and processes are required.

Although it may seem more cost-effective to treat all carpets as equal, this strategy can actually be more costly for your office in the long run. Different types of carpets (whether it’s your entryway rug or boardroom carpet) require different soil removal, cleaning processes, and frequency of cleaning. This is why it’s imperative to get the job done right the first time.

Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Products or Equipment

Using the wrong products or equipment to clean your office carpet is a surefire way to reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. It’s important to make sure that you choose a commercial cleaner with experience in carpet care and knowledge of the right cleaning products to use. For example, using products that are too strong for the particular carpet they are working with can lead to advanced deterioration, while products with the wrong ingredients may fail to actually kill the bacteria that has developed.

Another aspect to consider in choosing a commercial carpet cleaner is whether they offer green cleaning services. Many traditional cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment, including phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.

When released into the atmosphere or absorbed through skin, these chemicals have been linked to asthma, reproductive harm, skin rashes, eye irritation and more. Most concerning, however, it that these traditional products have also been known to carry carcinogenic ingredients, creating a potentially harmful environment for your employees to work in. Making the switch to a green cleaning service is the best way to ensure that your office stays clean without sacrificing the well-being of your employees or the environment.

Mistake #4: Hiring the Wrong Cleaner

Have you hired a commercial cleaner that visits your office frequently, seems to use the right products and pays attention to the unique needs of your carpets, only to find that your office still doesn’t feel clean? Maybe you’ve hired the wrong cleaner!

The truth is, one of the biggest cleaning mistakes your business can make is hiring a cleaning service provider that is not a good match for your business. When you have found the right fit for your business, you should be satisfied with the level of service quality you are receiving and trust that your cleaner is doing their job to the best of their ability. Hidden spills under tables that have not been attended to and signs of leftover dirt and residue in rugs are indicators that you may need to find a new cleaning service.

In choosing a commercial carpet cleaning service, it’s important to find the right match for you company. This may include the level of service quality, the communication required, the hours of availability, and the amount of experience that the cleaner has had prior to working with your business. Taking the time to do your research before hiring a cleaning company may seem extensive, but your staff and your carpet will thank you for it!

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