(Originally Published September 16, 2019)

Today we’re going to discuss the importance of hiring window cleaners for your commercial building.

Kitchener Clean provides the most comprehensive and long lasting cleaning service for interior and exterior windows of all shapes and sizes.

We’ll go over why a clean exterior window provides a better view for your employees, improves heat efficiency, and presents a more professional image.

Now, let’s dig deeper into why you should hire commercial window cleaners!

Why Should I Hire Commercial Window Cleaners?

1. Natural light does wonders for office employees

Don’t underestimate the importance of clean windows in your office. Natural light is proven to help us thrive!

The Daylight and Workplace Study conducted by Cornell University’s Dr. Alan Hedge, a professor in the department of design and environmental analysis, and commissioned by View Dynamic Glass, found that workers seated by a window that optimized natural light reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision — all symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome (aka, digital eye strain) caused by prolonged screen use. The study also found that these workers noted a two percent boost in productivity, and a 10 percent decrease in drowsiness.” (Source: NBC News)

Natural light, therefore, helps boost employee morale and is good for both mental and physical health. Dirty windows will block out natural sunlight, and they aren’t very nice to look at to boot.

Window cleaners may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it turns out you can’t afford not to invest in this service. Your employees - and your bottom line - will thank you!

2. Clean windows boost efficiency

There are three ways that hiring windows cleaners improves efficiency. We’ve already mentioned studies have shown that natural light in an office can actually boost your team’s overall productivity levels.

On top of that, exposure to healthy amounts of natural light throughout the workday has also been shown to help people get a higher quality of sleep at night.

At the same time, window cleaners can also help you save on your monthly energy bills.

During cold winter months, for example, natural sunlight can act as a warming agent inside your office, which is why you should keep blinds open during the day.

This will allow your building’s heating unit to work less vigorously, meaning you won’t have to have it repaired or replaced as often.

Finally, window cleaners can actually help you save money by extending the lifespan of the windows themselves. Commercial windows can be costly to fix or replace, not to mention productivity lost while the work is being done.

Window cleaners will not only keep your units looking fresh, they’ll also be able to spot potential issues that can be addressed before they get out of hand and require extensive repair

3. Window cleaners help preserve your company’s sparkling image

Consider this scenario: You’re about to walk into an office building or retail store and notice the windows are covered in dirt and dust. Would you have second thoughts about doing business with that company?

You might question how they conduct their business inside while seemingly giving no attention to outward appearances.

You may also wonder if you could expect the same lack of attention to detail from the company itself.

Clean windows help increase the curb appeal of your business, offering a comfortable and inviting environment for repeat customers and new ones.

Yes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but In order to protect the reputation of your business, as well as the branding that you’ve worked so hard to create, you should go ahead and invest in a professional window cleaner.

Clean windows can help you make a good first impression and therefore make customers want to return

Looking For Commercial Window Cleaners? Trust Kitchener Clean!

As we have seen, a clean exterior commercial window boosts morale, improves efficiency, and presents a more professional image.

Kitchener Clean started out as a home cleaning business and as such, we learned the cleaning skills required to satisfy the stringent demands of a homeowner. Today we are still firmly committed to cleaning your office as thoroughly as we would our own home.

Kitchener Clean also provides complete cleaning of your exterior windows as a one time service. At a minimum, annual cleaning of your exterior windows and window frames is recommended. You can choose to have only the external side of your exterior windows cleaned, or also clean the internal side of your exterior windows.

Window cleaning can be paired with our Total Office Care, which also includes the following:

What Kitchener Clean Customers Are Saying:
“The team at Wroute Inc has been extremely pleased with the professional office cleaning service provided at our 9000 sq ft facility. From the start of our partnership with Kitchener Clean, they have gone above the call of duty to ensure their service meets our expectations while also having amazing team members completing their weekly assignments. I would only expect the same expert service to be offered should they be selected to be your preferred office cleaning contractor.”
- Frank Bourdon

Contact us for a free consultation today to learn how we can bring that shine back to your exterior windows.